4. New Understandings: “I learned then about colonization…”

Linda discusses changing expectations in post-secondary education with First Nations students, how ‘responsive’ ECE education can develop through dialogue in sharing about families and communities, and learning about the devastating impact of colonization and the remarkable strengths of First Nations in ECE in overcoming it.

New Understandings Discussion questions:


Step back onto the Pathway:

What is your reaction to this video?

What leapt out at you?


Take a step further:

What comes to mind when you think about what Linda shares in this video?

How does anything Linda said in this video resonate in your context?

What in this video fits or doesn’t fit with your experience?

What further questions do you have about the issues and experiences Linda shares? (please feel free to share them with us)


 Why stop now? Further questions to consider (and add to these too please):

Where do our expectations of education come from? Why, as educators, is it important to engage this question?

In your experience does practices and thinking in education usually depart from diverse ideas about families and communities, or instead from decontextualized ideas of children, and other socio-economic contexts?

Historically, how do you imagine or understand “different” ideas of families (especially Indigenous ones) have been treated in European settler societies?

In what ways can you imagine early childhood education that supports moves toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples?


Please share your inspirations and questions by email.  We will be honoured to support (and share about) your own new commitments to reconciliation.  We are eager to develop this platform further with the strengths of additional voices, shared resources and common (and not so common) struggles.

In this we salute you, and join with you in deep gratitude to Linda in saying:

Huy chexw a!


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