3: Transformations: “It’s very challenging on a number of levels.”

Linda reflects on resistance to change in working in across cultures in First Nations ECE education in the continuing wake of historical injury and trauma, how she changed and had to overcome, why…and what happened.

Transformations Discussion questions:


Step back onto the Pathway:

What is your reaction to this video?

What leapt out at you?


Take a step further:

What comes to mind when you think about what Linda shares in this video?

How does anything Linda said in this video resonate in your context?

What in this video fits or doesn’t fit with your experience?

What further questions do you have about the issues and experiences Linda shares? (please feel free to share them with us)


Why stop now? Further questions to consider (and add to these too please):

In what ways do you identify with Linda’s statement that she doesn’t “let go of knowing very easily”? How is knowing important to you?

What does it feel like to “set aside” what you know? When and why have you done it? Why is it important, in your view of human relations, and particularly in education?

Can you recall, and share about, a time when “not knowing” was “totally transforming” and changed what you “thought was important”?

Linda discusses success in a rich, generative, and historically charged educational encounter in terms of her reluctance in “letting go of a need that I had.” How else might we think of colonialism in this manner, or of decolonization arising in an individual or personal release of certain needs and desires?

Where in ECE might this commitment to “let go of need that I had” be liberating in your view?  For whom? What hopes could this approach bring into view for you?



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