2: Encounters: “I need to learn a different way of being…and I need to ask you for your help.”

Linda discusses approaching her first year of working with First Nations ECEs, letting go of “feelings of needing to know” and opening into the reciprocities of emotionally charged and often painful encounters, where all of Linda’s preparations “didn’t work.”

Encounters Discussion Questions:


Step back onto the Pathway:

What is your reaction to this video?

What leapt out at you?


Take a step further:

What comes to mind when you think about what Linda shares in this video?

How does anything Linda said in this video resonate in your context?

What in this video fits or doesn’t fit with your experience?

What further questions do you have about the issues and experiences Linda shares? (please feel free to share them with us)


Why stop now? Further questions to consider (and add to these too please):

How can you imagine familiar ideas of diversity can fail where Indigenous cultures are concerned in ECE?

How can ideas of “being responsible” as an educator prevent change and transformation in education?

How do you imagine ECE education for First Nations students could become “very emotional” and “painful”?

Have you ever been in a situation where how you understand and undertake communication no longer “work”? As an educator, what did (or would) you do?

What questions arise for you about how Linda describes changing her educational practice through encounters with First Nations students? What would you ask Linda, if you could?

From this brief video, what new knowledge about First Nations cultures has become present to you?


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